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Staff Was Encouraged

The GP staff was encouraged when we received a note from a long time attender after a funeral service was held at GP. She let us know that 8 people responded to receive Christ at the funeral. Many guests commented on the love, support and hospitality of the church. Working together for God’s Kingdom! Love…

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Encouraging Thought

Encouraged this morning by a note I received from one of our long-time members whose nephew has been coming to Grace Pointe. Impressed by the message that morning and enjoying Grace Pointe, he told her, “I never thought of giving up my independence.” Love to hear stories of how people here are discovering a God…

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Encouraging Note from Rob Robinson

As a speaker you get all kinds of reactions. Some people like what you say, some people don’t understand what you say, and still others critique what you say (or don’t) say. I try to take it all in stride. There are times, though, when an encouraging word is like a drink of cold water…

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