Painted Office!

My office at church hadn’t been updated or renovated for almost 20 years.  People often comment about how outdated the paint colors are.   Its not that I didn’t notice it…its just that I haven’t taken the time to come in and repaint.

So last week Derek Webster, my boss and Pastor came in early in the morning on one of his vacation days to surprise me by painting my office.  He painted it white…not just any white…but the official white of my beloved Miami Dolphins!.  And he installed a couple fathead decals of both the classic and new Miami Dolphins logos.

It would have been easier for him to just look past the outdated colors.  Or ask me to get the office painted.  Or just find someone to come in and do it.  He did none of those.  Instead he took one of his vacation days did it himself!

I’m posting this on because no one has yet launched

Thank you Derek…I was encouraged!


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