A Letter from a Friend

It was from a few years back.  But when people ask about being encouraged, I think of this letter I received.  Here’s what it says…


My Dearest Pat,

Happy 65th Birthday from Las Vegas!!!

In celebration of your 65th birthday, I have gathered together my thoughts and memories and set them down in the form of this letter as a special gift to you for your scrapbook of memories.

In my life, from childhood on, because I was really a very shy person, there have been just three women that truly impacted my life. The first, of course, was my mother, who raise me with love, instilled in me my faith in God and taught me by her example, how to be a survivor. Second was my son Mike’s godmother, my friend and mentor, Millie Waldman Eck. She was sort of my “Auntie Mame”, called me her “child” and was just a “classy broad.”

The third person is you Pat. Warm and friendly with a lovely smile that as I learned much later, hid so much pain, you have become my “forever friend.” Through the years we nurtured the bonds of friendship thru happiness and tears, joy and sadness, pain and grief until not even the miles that would separate us could obliterate the bond we shared. Indeed Pat, it was your love and support and prayers that brought me back to my faith. I had drifted away from Our Lord over the years, especially after my beloved mother died. She had such a simple, beautiful faith and had lovingly bestowed it on me, but I had all but forgotten how to pray and to put my trust in the Lord when life had become almost too painful to bear. But it was you Pat who showed me the way back to Him. This is what your love and friendship has meant to me. And I hope that I have repaid you in kind because that’s is what friends do for one another. That is the bond between us. And so Pat, I send you a “Happy 65th Birthday”, better late than never, with my sincere love and gratitude and good wishes for many, many more.

God Bless You and Keep You Always,



Patricia Lathrop

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